Zoe-Marie Ingham is a former pupil of Elmsmere Manor, the older sister of Ingrid Ingham and the partner of Ash Newman. Zoe-Marie first appeared as a major character from Series 1 until Series 4, where she began to only make minor appearances instead.

Zoe-Marie's idiolect is very unique; she talks incredibly fast and often substitutes various words with indistinct terms such as "stuff" or "thing". Zoe-Marie quickly jumps to conclusions; she often assumes every teacher is trying to tell her off and constantly thinks her peers are against her.

Zoe Marie is very vain; she is obsessed with makeup and her appearance. She seems to have an enemy in a girl named "Shelby Turner", though she has never actually been seen on-screen.

In Series 6, it is revealed that Zoe-Marie is pregnant with Ash Newman's child.

Physical Appearance

Likely stemming from her passion for beauty and makeup, Zoe-Marie's hairstyle is constantly changing and updating. In Series 1, Zoe-Marie generally has long, blonde hair with a hairclip attached. In Series 2, her hair is shorter, curlier and a darker shade of reddish-brown. In Series 3, Zoe Marie's hair becomes a darker blonde. In later appearances, Zoe-Marie's hair is a much darker colour and is greater in length.


In the episode "Prank", graffiti can be seen which ridicules Shelby Turner. This is greatly implied to have been created by Zoe-Marie. This suggests that despite being a mother, Zoe-Marie is still a trouble-maker.

A short spin-off series entitled "Zoe-Marie's Saturday Job" exists, which follows Zoe-Marie working at a hairdressing salon.

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