Wedding is the second episode of series three it includes the final appearance of Miss Poppy and the first appearances of Nero and Bebe Johnson


It's Nathan's big day as he gets married to Miss Poppy,Josh has to deal with his irritating little cousin Nero the wedding is successful but an unexpected but shocking surprise comes


This episode marks the final appearance of,

  • Melenie Poppy
  • Nathan as a main cast member
  • Mollys gothic lifestyle and appearance
  • Elemsbury Academy

First appearance of Nero and Bebe Johnson.

The first version of the series 3 intro debuted in this episode with new animations and models for Josh, Crispin bell, Ash, Zoe-Marie, Agness and Dexter.

This is the first episode since his debut not to feature Crispin Bell.

B-Mode cameos in this episode dropping off Nathan,Josh and Nero after the formers car breaks down

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