Violet is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor and close friend of Amber Baker and Darnesh. Violet first appeared in Series 5, joining Elmsmere along with her friends Amber and Darnesh.

Violet is portrayed as the most intelligent of her friend group, usually being the one to point out flaws in Amber's plans. Violet is also prone to sarcasm, never missing a chance to mockingly exaggerate the things she disagrees with.

Despite realising the possible repercussions of Amber's schemes, she generally goes along with them anyway. This might suggest that despite her complaints, she still enjoys taking part.

Physical Appearance

Violet has white skin and long blonde hair. In certain episodes such as "Hairdressing", Violet is seen with a unique wavier hairstyle.


She made her first appearance in 'Leaving' along with Amber, Darnesh, Ingrid and Miss Goodman. She arrives at Elmsmere with Amber and Darnesh. She is shown to carry a school map with her but ends up taking a shortcut with the other two, however this led to her being late for assembly. She gets involved in Amber's schemes but ends up in detention

Prior to the airing of "Stig", Violet had appeared in every single episode since her introduction.

Violet is the good friend of Amber Baker, Darnesh and CJ. Despite going along with Amber's Plans, she normally ends up in detention!

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