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Air Date 4th February 2015
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Toads is the second episode of the fourth series of the Cbbc show 4 O'Clock Club which was first broadcast on 4th February 2015


When Nero loses the school's pet toads, a hunt begins to look for them. When Nero and the gang are led to believe that Miss Andress is going to send the toads to a factory to be experimented on, Nero, Eli and Owen stage a protest.


  • Akai Osei as Nero Johnson
  • Jade Alleyne as Clem Burton
  • Grace McIntosh as Eleesha Rahad
  • Chloe Davison as Fleur Murphy
  • Lewis Brindley as Eli Grant
  • Daniel Kerr as Owen Garland
  • Simon Lowe as Crispin Bell
  • Jason Callender as Dexter Harris
  • Liz Hume-Dawson as Anita Andress
  • Layton Blake as Isaac Rodgers
  • Sarah Schoenbeck as Lizzie Baker
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