Time Capsule is the 7th episode of series 4 of the 4 o clock club


Its the parent teacher meetings at Elemsmere and Nero believes he can t go due to his parents not being around until Dexter decides to be his guardian which results in Nero and his friends deciding to ruin Dexters meetings, Meanwhile, Nathan has returned from Scotland with his new son Moses to allow Miss Poppy to have a break and after mentioning the mysterious Mr Carter Josh makes it his mission to retrieve the watch from a time capsule buried by Nathans class years ago.


First appearance of Nathan since Wedding and Josh since Ghost

This is the only episode Josh appears in without Ash, Zoe Marie and Agness

This episode reveals that Elemsbury school was demolished and converted into a park after burning down in Wedding

Mr Byron appears during the flashback in the rap Time To Let Go

The series 2 credits theme plays in this episode and its also its final appearance


Nero is quick to believe he is free from the meeting as his parents aren't around which raise the question why can't his aunt Liz Carter be there as the meeting also take relatives of the pupils

During the Flashback in Time To Let Go the uniforms used are the Elmsbury Academy variant but school at this point was a high school not an academy

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