Time Capsule is the 7th episode of Series 4 of the 4'O Clock Club.


It is parents evening at Elmsmere Manor. Nero thinks that he won't have to go as his parents are away in Kuwait, but when he finds out Dexter will be helping him with his appointments so him and the gang end up trying to sabotage parents evening for him. Nathan has returned home with his new son Moses to give Melanie a break from looking after him. Josh asks about his dad and Nathan tells him how he walked out and left Nathan with an old watch which he buried in a time capsule at the now burned down Elmsbury Academy. Josh, thinking the watch may be worth something, goes to the site with hopes of retrieving the watch.


  • First appearance of Nathan since Wedding and Josh since Ghost.
  • This is the only episode Josh appears in without Ash, Zoe Marie and Agness.
  • This episode reveals that Elmsbury Academy was transformed into a housing estate and park after burning down in Wedding.
  • Mr Byron appears during the flashback in the rap Time To Let Go.
  • The series 2 end theme song plays during the credits in this episode.


  • Nero is quick to believe he is free from the meeting as his parents aren't around but why can't his Auntie Liz come to the meeting as it also allows relatives of pupils? Although it is possible she had to stay at work during parents evening.
  • During the Flashback in "Time To Let Go" rap the uniforms used are the Elmsbury Academy variant but school at this point was a high school. This is probably because the Elmsbury High uniforms were all thrown away/recycled at some point in Series 2 after Bell announced the school would become an academy so they just used what they still had.
  • During the flashback in the rap, "Time To Let Go", a pillar is shown marking the time capsule that says "Elmsbury Manor" on it which was never the name of Elmsbury school.
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