Episode 1: AXOLOTL: It's Teacher training day were we see new staff and old staff.Owen and Evan get new AXOLOTL after killing the old ones.Emily (PC Rowe) has a new boyfriend named Clinton.We introduce Coco and Reiss (their mum got arrested ) the Nephew and Niece of Emily (PC Rowe)

Episode 2 : Anniversary: It's Fleur's and Eleesha's friend-i-versary (and Owen), meanwhile its Coco and Reiss's first day at Elmsmere Manor and they already got sent to the Head (by Mr Nunn) and got a double detention...when they need to see their Mum

Episode 3: Keys: We introduce Ms Wrigley the new Elmsmere Manor deputy- head. Reiss staeals Ms Wirgley set of keys for the confiscated items so Wirgley steals Isaac keys and gets him fired

Episode 4: Mexico: Clinton wants to spend more with Emily (PC Rowe) and she suggested Mexico but he doesnt want to go then Reiss and Coco discovers his deepest darkess secret, while Amber,Violet and Darnesh steal Issac biscuits

Episode 5: Handcuffs: Reiss doesn't want to go to Parents evening,while Mr Nunn discovers some news that will change his life forever

Episode 6: Scouts: Polly and Evan go to a gig and lie to Polly's mum that they went to scouts. Meanwhile Amber and Darnesh sell black-market chips to be millionaires .Mr Nunn has to attended Henry's netball match 

Episode 7: Fishing:Mr Nunn is forced to spend with Henry including Coco,Mr Bell,Clinton,Magnus and Reiss. Meanwhile Ms Wrigley makes a mistake on who painted a setting and she thought it was... Darnesh (It was Chester)

Episode 8: Brooch:Clinton forgets Emily's birthday and gets her brooch from lost property and Reiss and Coco help Clinton "to be Partner in crime."Meanwhile Evan and Owen plan a party

Episode 9: Kissing

Episode 10: Elvis:

Episode 11: Cello:

Episode 12: Glasses

Episode 13: Limo

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