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In the sixth series, Nero and Clem have finally begun dating after their summer romance, but eventually break up after their several arguments. Clem departs in episode three to pursue a career in music. Dexter and Lizzie are expecting a baby, and eventually give birth to twins named Albert and Faraday. After his divorce in the previous series, and a brief relationship with newcomer Anastasia (Rachel Elizabeth Kelly), Bell finds himself living in a run-down caravan on the school grounds with his estranged son CJ (Rufus T King-Dabbs), a newcomer to the series. Dexter and Nero are both shocked at CJ's arrival, as Bell never mentioned in any previous series that he had a child. The series also introduces the characters of Polly Morgan (Mischa Eckersley), a fellow pupil of Nero's whom he tries to impress throughout the series and Owen's younger brother Chester (Rohan Green). In Series 6, Isobel Harlow was promoted to a series regular as she appeared in every episode.



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Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers [5]
66 1 "Antenatal" Tim Hopewell Julia Kent 2 March 2017 147,000
It's a new term and Nero and Clem are finally together. Meanwhile, Dexter and Lizzie are expecting a baby but Mr Nunn isn't happy when he has to cover their lessons whilst they go to an antenatal class. Amber, Violet and Darnesh try to convince Nunn that you can stick someone to the ceiling via static electricity. At the antenatal class, Dexter and Lizzie see Ash and Zoe-Marie who are also expecting a baby together. Clem, Eleesha, Fleur and Owen's new girlfriend Katie go to a poetry convention but they get bored and go to Nero's party instead. However, Clem believes she and Nero are better off as friends and they break up.
67 2 "Pass" Alex Jacob Mark Oswin 9 March 2017 N/A
Clem has an advert to film so she lies to Mr Bell about having a dentist appointment to get an authorised absence pass. However, when Nero catches wind of this, he wants in on it too. Meanwhile, Owen has a new gate duty job to report all the late students. But he is unhappy when Katie joins him on the job and admits to Eli that she's becoming too much for him. Clem and Nero still clearly have feelings for each other but are too scared to admit it to each other. Amber steals the authorisation passes to allow students to leave. Nero takes over Owen's new job and allows Clem to leave for her advert. She arrives but is horrified it is an advert for Chickentastic and she has to dress up like a chicken nugget.
68 3 "Karaoke" Alex Jacob Paul Rose 16 March 2017 N/A
Clem is not happy when people mock her over the chicken advert. When she gets invited to Eleesha's birthday karaoke she fears that they will take the mock out of her. Meanwhile, Amber convinces Ingrid that her uncle is an astronaut and they video call Darnesh who is pretending to be Amber's uncle. At the karaoke, Clem is heard singing by a manager and calls her for a demo which causes Nero to become jealous. He discovers the manager is a conman so he gets B-Mode to help Clem get her big break. It works and Clem leaves Elmsmere.
69 4 "Baby" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 16 March 2017 N/A
Lizzie walks out on Dexter when they find Nero, Eli and Owen treating the birthing pool like a paddling pool. Nero and Dexter have an argument and Nero sings a rap about having no family and also wants to apologise for what he said. At school, Lizzie teaches the class about human reproduction and the class are disgusted by the facts. However Lizzie falls into labour during the lesson. Mr Nunn drives her and Amber to the hospital where they find out it was a false alarm. But when they return to school, Lizzie goes into labour for real but no one believes it until her water breaks. Dexter and everyone who was on the school trip rush back to school where Dexter and Lizzie's baby is born. But it turns out they're having twins.
70 5 "Volcano" Alex Jacob Paul Rose 23 March 2017 N/A
New boy Chester manages to get out of PE to sort out the library, meaning Amber, Violet, Darnesh and Ingrid want to join him to also get out of PE. Meanwhile, Nero takes credit for Owen's science project and Miss Higgins, the new science teacher, moves him to a higher set. At the class, Nero meets stubborn girl, Polly who hates the fact he will be representative at the volcano fair instead of her. Owen is jealous that he isn't in the higher set. A caravan has been dumped in the car park but it turns out Mr Bell is living in it. The caravan gets towed away with everyone unaware Mr Bell is still inside. Nero tries to focus on the science books but he gets bored and falls asleep. However Owen suggests that he turns it into a rap. Mr Bell reveals Anastasia has left him and he has nothing left. Nero decides to make the volcano experiment more exciting by making it 'explode'.
71 6 "Rash" Emma Sullivan Julia Kent 30 March 2017 N/A
Owen has transformed his garage into his bedroom after he gets fed up of sharing with his brother. Nobody realizes he has a brother until Chester enters the garage. Everyone is shocked that he is Owen's brother. Nero and Eli bring a second-hand sofa into the garage but Owen does not like it. Meanwhile, Dexter and Lizzie have finally decided to name the twins Albert and Faraday, but Dexter has trouble getting them registered when he cannot tell them apart. He is embarrassed to tell Lizzie so he tells Nero instead. Nero suggests that he has Albert on the left at all times, a bit like Ant and Dec. Nero develops a mysterious itch and he is too embarrassed to tell Polly, of whom he is working on a history project with. Fleur suggests to get some cream from the chemist and it works. But Eli has sent Nero's photo of the affected area around the school and Mr Nunn is on the case. Lizzie tells Dexter she cannot tell the twins apart so Dexter finally owns up about his troubles too. But they keep getting them mixed up when Amber cleans the bib which had a red stain on it, which Dexter was using to tell which one was which. Nero moves out of the flat and moves in with Owen to give Dexter and Lizzie the space they need with the twins.
72 7 "Chair" Tim Hopewell Mark Oswin 6 April 2017 155,000
Dexter and Nero find Mr Bell's old books in a box in a skip that he wrote many years ago. Mr Bell also takes his old massage chair back to the caravan from his ex-wife's house. However, whilst he is there, Crispin Junior, known as CJ, appears and Dexter and Nero are shocked when they find out that CJ is Bell's son. On the way back to the school, a book falls out of the box and a 'Head Hunter' lady picks it up. The following day, she phones Mr Bell and asks to come and see him in action, unaware that the book was written many years ago and he is in fact no longer a head teacher. CJ turns up at the caravan and says that he has been told to live with his father. Nero and Polly enter a festival, but Dexter tells them it is off when Lizzie organizes her return to work schedule and Dexter must look after the twins on the date the festival is on. CJ causes trouble around the school and Amber, Darnesh and Violet try to keep him out of it. Nero and Polly break into the school office and mess around but they accidentally destroy the office. CJ decides to act cool and admit he did it to Amber, Violet and Darnesh but Mr Nunn overhears and takes him to the head's office. Nero turns the massage chair on in the office and everyone gets away with it, after the chair is seen as the culprit.
73 8 "Gig" Alex Jacob Madeleine Brettingham 13 April 2017 254,000
Eli has got a job as a backstage crew member at a gig. Nero sees this as a chance to take Polly to see her favourite band, however Nero doesn't really have tickets. He asks Eli to get him and Polly tickets to see The Splutters. Meanwhile, Ingrid pushes Darnesh, causing his glasses to fall on the floor and break. Darnesh can't see anything, so he, Amber and Violet take his glasses to Isaac to be fixed. Mr Bell is invited to a day out for parents and when Mr Nunn sees that he can hang out with a load of mums, he asks Owen to pretend to be his son so that he can go too. Bell uses the day out as an opportunity to bond with CJ, but this backfires when he is locked in the toilet of the coach by CJ for the duration of the trip. Darnesh has a date but is horrified to discover that his date in Ingrid – they did not know it was each other. Ingrid didn't recognize him without his glasses and he couldn't see her at all. Mr Nunn gets annoyed when Owen beats him at golf. Nero is horrified when Eli tells him that he lied to the band so that they could be VIPs. The band think that Polly is dying and when they meet her, they ask her to join them onstage. However, when Nero and Polly go on stage, the lead singer tells everyone about how Polly is 'dying' but when Polly tells the truth, she, Nero and Eli get kicked out. Once again, Polly blames Nero and Nero is angry with Eli.
74 9 "Funeral" Alex Jacob Julia Kent 20 April 2017 223,000
Owen is ordered by Nunn to take part in the high jump at sports day in the afternoon. However he does not want to do it. Nero suggests he skives so he does. Nero writes a fake note for Owen to give to Nunn saying that Owen has to go to his great uncle's funeral. But it backfires when Nunn wants a photo of him by the coffin. Meanwhile, Amber trucks the class into eating the school goldfish by eating a carrot but when the fish goes missing, everyone accuses Amber of eating it. It later turns out Isaac took it to clean the tank. Nero, Eli and Owen gate crash a funeral but it turns out it is Polly's dad's uncle who has died. At the wake, Nunn turns up and accidentally walks in on everyone mourning after he doesn't believe that there is a funeral.
75 10 "Flashmob" Emma Sullivan Frog Stone 27 April 2017 162,000
The whole school is gearing up for a dance flashmob, and Nero is excited to ask Polly to pair up with him. However, when she wants him to teach her to dance, he realises she has two left feet. Stuck without a partner, he has no choice but to ask Katie. When practicing with Katie, Nero realises he may have feelings for her as well as Polly and not wanting to let either of them down, he tries to keep them apart as he practices with Katie and helps Polly with her dancing. When Nero bumps into them both at the flashmob, he fakes being ill in an attempt to call the whole thing off, but this only results in him being caught out by both girls, and when they both join in the dancing, Nero isn't allowed to. Meanwhile, Bell is put out when CJ would rather be with Amber, Violet and Darnesh joining in the flashmob than spend quality time with him. After a chat with Mrs Goodman, Bell thinks holding his son against his will to fix a broken school trophy will help mend their relationship, but this only makes CJ dislike him more. Eventually, Bell comes to the realisation that CJ should be allowed to spend time with his friends as well as him.
76 11 "Paperboy" Emma Sullivan Paul Rose 4 May 2017 N/A
Nero and Dexter are doing Owen's paper round which is being supervised by Chester. However, when they deliver a paper to Mrs Goodman's house, Dexter posts the wrong one and tries to get it back by sticking his hand through the letter box. But it doesn't work. So him and Nero climb in through a window at the side of the house to swap the paper. Chester is worried about getting caught and does not want to go with them. But he eventually gives in and follows. Meanwhile, Isaac is awarded a new motorized floor cleaner by Mrs Goodman after his services to the school. Amber wants to have a go so Darnesh causes a distraction to Isaac for Amber. But Amber's behavior leads to Mr Nunn complaining about the motorized floor cleaner and Isaac is suspended. Amber feels guilty. The alarm in Mrs Goodman's home goes off so Nero, Dexter and Chester try and find a way out. But they're caught by Mrs Goodman who had a notification through on her phone saying her alarm went off. Amber tries to get Isaac back by formally complaining about Mr Nunn after he causes a door to fall on Darnesh.
77 12 "Camping" Emma Sullivan Paul Rose 11 May 2017 199,000
Nero, Dexter, Owen and Eli go camping for the weekend but are surprised to see Mr Bell, CJ and Mr Nunn there too. Meanwhile, Lizzie leaves Mrs Goodman to babysit the twins and Amber, Violet and Darnesh but encounters trouble when Darnesh gives himself a haircut. But when Amber tries to glue it back on, a saucepan gets stuck to his head. Mrs Goodman tries to get it off but thinks she has also pulled Darnesh's hair off too. Meanwhile, Lizzie has organised a game for some of the pupils but gets stuck in the car with Polly, Chester and Isobel. Mr Nunn falls ill which makes Nero and Dexter go home. Dexter realises how much he loves Lizzie and asks her to marry him - and she says yes!
78 13 "Ring" Tim Hopewell Madeleine Brettingham 18 May 2017 N/A
Dexter and Lizzie are getting married, however they cannot afford to at the moment. It is later revealed that Mr Bell had planned to marry his now ex-girlfriend Anastasia but he has to cancel the wedding in an attempt to get his money back for a deposit on a new flat for him and CJ. When he learns it is too late to cancel, Bell decides to let Dexter and Lizzie have the venue, stag-do, hen-do and the honeymoon. Dexter asks Nero to be his best man and leaves him in charge of the ring. However, when Owen offers to look after the ring for him, Katie accidentally takes the ring thinking it is her birthday present from Owen. At the stag-do, Mr Nunn makes the boys dress up as superheroes but they end up getting arrested after Dexter gets handcuffed to a chair at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Lizzie's hen-do doesn't go to plan when Zoe-Marie turns up and accidentally sprays blue on Lizzie instead of the tan she was supposed to use. The day of the wedding arrives and Dexter and Lizzie get married but not exactly how they planned. Owen asks Katie for the ring back so Nero can give it to Dexter for Lizzie. But Katie dumps him, much to the delight of Owen.Note: This series ended with a rap entitled New Beginnings