Series 5 characters and episodes 

Characters all the characters return for series 5 expect for miss Andreas it includes the departure of miss Carter who appears in most of the series it includes new characters Miss Goodman who wants motivation rather than displine and four new year sevens Cheeky Amber, sarcastic Violet and fun loving Darnesh it also introduces Ingrid who is an enemy to the three and Zoe Marie a little sister Zoe-Marie and Ash also return for guest appearances.



Nero Johnson student

Dexter Harris teacher  

Clemintine Burton Student  

Owen Garland student  

Eil Grant student  

Fluer Murphy student  

Eleesha Rahad student  

Amber Baker student and Relative  

Violet student  

Darnesh student  

Mr Bell teacher  

Miss Goodman teacher

Lizzie Baker sicence teacher relative  

Mr Nunn Teacher

Ingrid Ingham student and Relative absent in episodes 2 and 5

Isaac Rodgers caretaker and ex student from episode 1

Recurring Characters 

Isobel Harlow student episodes 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 and 13 

Emily Rowe police officer episodes 7, 11 and 12 

Zoe-Marie Ingham former student Relative appears in Episodes 1 and 12


Liz Carter appears in episode 1

Ash Newman former student mechanic episode 4

Lizzie's step dad episode 3

Shona social worker episode 8

Mary student appears in episode 8

Katie student appears in episode 13


Leaving Centric Character Nero 

Nero discovers that he may have to leave Elmsmere forever 

First appearances Amber, Violet, Darnesh, Ingrid and Miss Goodman  

Last appearance of miss Carter and guest appearance of Zoe-Marie 

Ferret Centric Character Dexter 

Nero returns but only for two days 

Absent Ingrid  

Swimming Centric character Dexter 

Nero joins Clems swimming club but finds out its for girls while Amber gets revenge on Dexter. 

Hot Tub Centric Character Dexter

Zombie Centric character Dexter 

Courtroom centric character Nero 

Removal centric character Nero 

Social worker centric character Nero 

Babysitting centric character Nero 

Cardigan centric character Owen 

Date centric character Mr Bell

Flower centric character Dexter

Triangle centric character Nero

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