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In the fifth series, all the characters from the fourth series remain, but with three new characters, Lizzie's younger sister Amber (Ella Marshall Pinder) and her friends Violet (Cara Jenkins) and Darnesh (Riley McCormick) who want to fit in with the "cool" kids, like Nero and his gang. Zoe-Marie's younger sister Ingrid (Zara Thurstan) also starts at the school and quickly becomes Amber's enemy. A new head teacher is also introduced in the first episode, Mrs Helena Goodman (Victoria Carling). Throughout the series, both Nero and Clem try to tell each other how they feel about each other. Dexter and Lizzie are dating but must hide it from others, though Mr Nunn (Dan Wright) tries to hit on Lizzie. Amber, and her gang try to beat their bully Ingrid and Dexter and Nero face problems living together.



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Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers [5]
53 1 "Leaving" Alex Jacob Paul Rose 25 February 2016 201,000
School resumes at Elmsmere, and Nero discovers he and his aunt Liz are moving to Scotland to assist Nathan and his family. He arrives to update his friends, but makes matters worse by quarreling with Clem after she accuses him of succumbing to adult tyranny (contradictorily, she has a slight crush on him). Mrs Goodman becomes the new headteacher and Mr Bell becomes deputy. Mrs Goodman believes more about motivation rather than punishment, and detention is taken over for one session by Mr Bell. Lizzie's younger sister, Amber, ends up in Mr. Bell's detention as well as her friends Violet and Darnesh. Under Mrs Goodman's new disciplinary rules,Mr Bell takes Amber and her friends to Chickentastic. Amber learns to not end up in detention again, to avoid a day out with a teacher. Dexter and Lizzie have begun dating, but are forced to keep their relationship confidential to their colleagues, while Dexter attempts to find courage to ask her to move in with him. Zoe-Marie's younger sister Ingrid begins her journey at Elmsmere and Zoe-Marie takes her to school, telling Ingrid to behave herself. Ingrid replies back saying that her sister was "one of the bad kids". Ingrid is embarrassingly sent off by Zoe-Marie. Nero fears he may be forgotten by his friends and attempts to "make his mark" on Elmsmere. His friends attempt to stop him, but they arrive late as Nero graffiti's his name across the school playground. Nero leaves in a taxi with his auntie and Issac is seen spraying the graffiti away.
54 2 "Ferret" Alex Jacob Paul Rose 3 March 2016 245,000
Nero is back at Elmsmere but only for two days. So he decides to enter a talent competition, but makes a mistake trying to get Eli, Owen, Eleesha and Fleur to be his backing dancers. Issac brings a ferret to school but Dexter causes chaos with it after not shutting the cage door properly. Meanwhile, Nero asks Clem to enter the competition with him but they're too late. Amber cheats at a science exam getting 100%, which leads her to the 'Gifted and Talented Group' at lunch times. She finally admits she cheated. At the competition centre Clem and Nero say their goodbyes and Nero accidentally asks Clem to come with leaving her surprised but Dexter comes and picks Nero up leaving Clem by herself. Dexter then announces that Nero will be coming to live with him.
55 3 "Swimming" Tim Hopewell Mark Oswin 10 March 2016 228,000
Nero is now living with Dexter but Dexter cannot cope with looking after Nero as well as doing school work marking. After falling asleep in class, Clem is forced to tell Miss Baker about her before school swimming lessons that make her tired. Nero eventually also finds out about the swimming lessons, and laughs, threatening to tell everyone at school. This leads Clem to force Nero to sign up, only to get embarrassed when he finds out it is an all girls swimming club. Lizzie wants Dexter to meet her parents for the first time and he must rehearse a piano piece for them. He misses the dinner after falling asleep. And Amber wants revenge after Ingrid gets her into trouble.
56 4 "Hot Tub" Tim Hopewell Mark Blakewill & James Harris 17 March 2016 233,000
Dexter wants to take Lizzie on a romantic weekend away, which means Nero must go on the school camping trip. However, Nero doesn't want to go until he hears what Clem, Eleesha and Fleur are planning - to go to a live gig just down the road from the campsite. When Dexter lends Nero his tent, Nero is unhappy with its condition and demands a new one. But Dexter cannot afford it. Meanwhile, Mr Nunn offers a helping hand to get Dexter's car fixed, so Dexter accepts the offer to get the money for Nero's tent, with Nero being unaware that Dexter is getting it for him. Lizzie gets the wrong end of the stick when Dexter describes his car as 'falling apart' and 'not going anywhere', making Lizzie believe he is talking about her. Nero cleans all the staff cars to get the money for a new tent. When Mr Nunn is sent to hospital following a crash, Lizzie offers to do the camping trip which means Dexter must take Nero to the hot tub hotel.
57 5 "Zombie" Alex Jacob Paul Rose 24 March 2016 N/A
It's Clem's birthday so the gang decides to go to a zombie apocalypse as a surprise but, Nero knows that Dexter isn't going to let him. Therefore, Nero lies about going to the cinema so he can go to a zombie apocalypse with his friends. At school, Nero and Dexter get their envelopes mixed up and picks up the wrong envelope. Nero accidentally gives Clem a CD of love songs which are actually Dexter's for Lizzie and Dexter accidentally gives Lizzie a leaflet to a zombie apocalypse which is actually Nero's for Clem. Clem is confused at the songs when she listens to them, and she wants Owen to tell Nero she already has a boyfriend to stop him from asking her out. However, Owen believes she wants him to ask her out. At the zombie apocalypse, Nero slips and injures his ankle, leaving Clem to aid him. They sit together on the floor and Nero wants Clem to be his girlfriend but Clem rejects him but deep down, she really wants to be. Together they go back to the others and leaves. Eli sees Lizzie dressed as a zombie and believes she is one of the zombie's and throws her to the floor.
58 6 "Courtroom" Alex Jacob Joe Williams 31 March 2016 N/A
After flying a drone into Amber, Nero is punished with a dancing ban, after Mrs Goodman sets up a student courtroom, causing inconvenience to his and Clem's dance routine. Meanwhile, Lizzie wants to celebrate her and Dexter's 4 month anniversary but Dexter is too busy trying to impress her with Mr Nunn. Clem warns Nero that she is doing the dance video with or without him, so Nero desperately tries to get Amber, Violet, Darnesh and Mr Bell to drop his punishment. After succeeding, Nero is set free and he is able to do the video with Clem.
59 7 "Removal" Tim Hopewell Madeleine Brettingham 7 April 2016 241,000
Mr Bell is moving into a new flat and Dexter, Nero, Eli and Owen help him. Eventually, Bell finds out he is in the wrong flat. Amber enters a fashion show but her posters make her look ugly so she takes them down with the help of Violet and Darnesh. Meanwhile, Nunn and Isaac swap jobs for a day but they soon go into competition over whose better at each other's job. After assuming Mr Nunn finds caretaking too hard, Mrs Goodman helps him over come his 'paranoia'. Amber is embarrassed when her poster is put on the side of a bus. Meanwhile, Lizzie goes to Dexter's flat to prepare their romantic meal but after the flat confusion, Bell needs somewhere to stay and either Dexter or Nero needs to lend him their room.
60 8 "Social Worker" Tim Hopewell Julia Kent 14 April 2016 208,000
The students of Elmsmere protest against Nunn's football sexism stopping the girls playing it. Mr Bell is online dating but Clem, Fleur and Eleesha find out and take the mick. Meanwhile, a social worker comes to visit Dexter and Nero but Nero lies to protect Dexter. A home visit gets Bell confused into thinking Shona is his date. Dexter pretends to be Scottish, Lizzie pretends to be a plumber, Shona assumes Dexter and Crispin are a couple and Nero pretends to be a cheerleader. Nunn puts all the girls on a cheerleading team and Owen must be the leader. Nero comes clean that he lied about having the perfect home life but Shona understands and agrees to allow Nero to stay with Dexter.
61 9 "Babysitting" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 21 April 2016 206,000
Nero is made to look after Amber whilst Lizzie is at a staff training course at the school. Meanwhile, Nero takes Amber and her friends to the cinema when his friends are going too. Amber winds Nero up too much which causes him to flip at her. Meanwhile, Dexter tries to show that he doesn't always hate losing and teams up with Bell and Isaac for the staff training.
62 10 "Cardigan" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 28 April 2016 181,000
Mr Bell is up for the position of deputy head, but Nero doesn't want him to be. So he figures that the next best candidate could be Dexter. Meanwhile, Lizzie receives a strange gift of a cardigan from Dexter, but she clearly does not like it. When Amber and her friends see it, they start to mock it. Eli and Owen want people's old things to sell to see who is the better scout but they take it too far, leading to Owen taking off nearly all his clothes. To impress Mrs Goodman, Bell pretends to speak fluent Italian, but soon finds himself in a bad situation both at school and in an Italian restaurant.
63 11 "Date" Alex Jacob Mark Oswin 5 May 2016 213,000
Clem has never had a valentine. Eli, Owen, Eleesha and Fleur can tell she wants one from Nero. Meanwhile, Dexter, Nunn, Lizzie and PC Rowe are all on the same date. Amber, Violet and Darnesh play cupid but are soon caught sending fake cards. When Clem doesn't suspect Nero has sent her a card, Eli is sent on a date with her. On the way home, Clem sees Nero waiting for her. Nero tells Clem it wasn't Eli who sent the card, she says it was Darnesh but deep down she knows it was Nero.
64 12 "Flower" Tim Hopewell Mark Oswin 12 May 2016 206,000
Mrs Goodman discovers a rare flower on Nunn's football pitch which means she does not allow his football match to go ahead. When Clem, Eleesha and Fleur accidentally knock a metal fence onto it, the flower gets crushed - but they blame Nunn so they don't get into trouble for it. Meanwhile, Amber wants Nero to teach her ballroom dancing but Bell catches them and believes that they are fighting. They are then embarrassed in front of the whole school when Goodman calls them up in assembly to make peace with each other. However, when Ingrid comes over and interrogates Amber, she thinks Amber is asking for a fight and gets Zoe-Marie in to fight Amber. Nero helps Amber out when he sees her upset about it but he ends up in hospital with another sprained wrist. Meanwhile, Dexter wants to take Lizzie to Paris for the weekend but he accidentally drops her phone in her coffee, so he tries to dry it in the oven - only to then find out it was Eleesha's phone.
65 13 "Triangle" Tim Hopewell Madeleine Brettingham 19 May 2016 189,000
Nero asks Katie to the school dance to cover the fact that he was going to ask Clem. Meanwhile, Nunn, Dexter, Lizzie, Goodman and Bell start an end of term school band. At the dance, Clem and Eleesha arrive in a pink limo, and Nero is stunned by the way Clem is dressed. Katie dumps Nero in front of the whole school after she realizes he doesn't really want to be at the dance with her. Clem is also dumped by a Shakespeare obsessed freak. Clem wants to leave but Nero stops her and asks her to go back to the dance with him to stop Dexter and Lizzie making a fool of themselves but really wants to ask her to dance however stops.Note: This series ended with a rap entitled Mates are What Matter