Is the fourth series of 4 o clock club 


Most of the characters from series 3 return with the exception of Miss O'Brien, Miss Emma Parkwood, Bebe Johnson, Darius and Rachel Crawford. Josh and his gang (Ash, Isaac, Agness, Zoe-Marie) return for guest appearances, Nathan also returns for two episodes he also brings along his son Moses the series does introduces two new characters Tomboyish and tough Clemintine Burton but known as Clem joins Nero's gang and Lizzie Baker the new science teacher who is uptight, loves science but never keen on clowns. 


In the series it includes a mystery phantom sprayer who sprays bad rumours about Andreas, Isaac then finds out who did it and turns out to be Mr Bell and Dexter trying to become an accomplished teacher but is now left to deal with Nero and the others. And Nero having to deal with his mother leaving the country



Nero Johnson student  

Dexter Harris  music teacher

Clemintine Burton Student

Owen Garland student

Eil Grant student

Fluer Murphy student

Eleesha Rahad student

Mr Bell teacher deptuy head

Mr Nunn Teacher

Miss Andreas headteacher

Miss Lizzie Baker sicence teacher

Isaac Rodgers caretaker

Liz Carter Relative

Recurring Characters 

Isobel Harlow student appears in Poem, Theatre, NetBall and Party

PC Emily Rowe police officer appears in Bike and time capsule

Josh Carter former student appears in Ghost, time capsule and runaway

Guest Characters 

Ash Newman former student  appears in Ghost and Runaway

Zoe-Marie Ingham former student appears in Ghost and Runaway

Angness Addo former student appears in Ghost and Runaway

Nathan Carter Relative appears in time capsule and runaway

Moses Carter Relative appears in time capsule 

Carson student appears in theatre 

Martin Thompson student appears in theatre and Party

Hopkins student appears in NetBall and also NetBall

Sasha student appears in theatre 

Mad scientist appears in theatre

Mrs Thompson Martin's mother appears in theatre

Briony student at a Catholic School appears in NetBall

Sister Dorothy a teacher at the Catholic School appears in NetBall 








Time capsule




Health and safety 


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