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The fourth series features Nero, now in the main role, and his crew have replaced Josh and the Elmsbury gang who have all temporarily departed the series (except Isaac, who becomes Elmsmere's caretaker) and Dexter is trying to make it as an accomplished teacher, but is given the new job of taking care of Nero's shenanigans, which indirectly resembles Josh and Nathan's relationship in the first series. The teachers who appeared in series 3, Miss Parkwood and Aine O'Brien do not appear in this series, leading to the re-introduction of former head teacher Anita Andress (Liz Hume-Dawson). The series also introduced a new main character, rebellious and cynical tomboy Clem Burton (Jade Alleyne), who joins Nero's crew as well as mysterious spray paintings of Andress appear around Elmsmere, called 'The Phantom Sprayer', however it was later revealed that it was Mr. Bell who was the criminal. A new love interest for Dexter, Science teacher Lizzie Baker (Sarah Schoenbeck), is introduced in episode one. A new recurring character, Isobel Harlow (Ruby Barnhill) appears from episode three. This series also features mini cameos from Josh's gang as shown in the series premiere and series finale. Nathan also makes his comeback in two episodes and is now a father to baby Moses.



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Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers [5]
40 1 "Ghost" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 28 January 2015 217,000
After Josh has left for his new school and Bebe has left the country with her husband, school resumes at Elmsmere, and Nero tries to impress Clem, the new girl, by sneaking into the school to search for ghosts.
41 2 "Toads" Alex Jacob Paul Rose 4 February 2015 200,000
When Nero accidentally loses the school's pet toads, he manages to set of a chain of events that lead Dexter to quit his job as the detention monitor, so he and the gang stage a protest to get Dexter back and save the toads from ending up in a laboratory.
42 3 "Theatre" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 11 February 2015 200,000
Dexter organizes a school theatre trip (mixed with music and science) to impress Lizzie, but nobody joins, so Nero, in order to see a rap star at the event, manages to convince Eli, Owen, Fleur, Eleesha, Clem, and others to join, but disaster strikes when Nero and the gang are given detention. Meanwhile, an anonymous student is spray-painting bad rumours about Miss Andress, who is on the search.
43 4 "Bike" Alex Jacob Mark Oswin 18 February 2015 217,000
Nero receives a new bike as a present from his parents, but when he and Dexter are involved in the destruction of Clem's BMX, Clem retaliates by stealing Nero's bike. Meanwhile, Dexter's lottery ticket manages to cause him a mishap, while Eleesha learns how to ride a bike, with the help of Fleur and Elmsmere's new program of bike safety.
44 5 "Poem" Alex Jacob Mark Oswin 25 February 2015 204,000
When Nero discovers Clem's secret book of angry poems, his attempts to return it to its usual location make matters worse when he is forced to read it at Elmsmere's school fair.
45 6 "Sick" Tim Hopewell Julia Kent 4 March 2015 N/A
When Nero accidentally sleeps in at the last hour before the day his ICT project is due, he attempts to avoid detention by feigning illness, with help from Eli, Owen and Clem. Meanwhile, an actually ill Bell needs to mark his pupils' History exercise books, and Dexter fears that Lizzie may actually like Nunn romantically, so tries to manipulate Nunn into taking Lizzie on another date.
46 7 "Time Capsule" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 11 March 2015 N/A
After Dexter agrees to chaperone Nero at Elmsmere's parents' evening and assigns the gang more homework, Nero and the gang devise a plan to retaliate on Dexter by sabotaging parents' evening. Meanwhile, Nathan returns with his newborn son Moses to let Mel relax at home, but he reveals a secret about the missing and unknown Mr. Carter that leads to Josh, with Issac's help, attempting to find the crucial element that was handed to Nathan by their father.
47 8 "Netball" Tim Hopewell Madeleine Brettingham 18 March 2015 233,000
After Bell assigns litter-pick duty as after-school detention, Nero persuades Andress to let netball club as detention, knowing little that Nunn is the coach, who manages to get Elmsmere playing against a Catholic school called St. Millicent's Convent. Meanwhile, Dexter, trying to impress Lizzie, agrees to replace Nunn as coach, and Fleur and Eleesha attempt to write a story for the school newspaper, with disastrous consequences.
48 9 "Mobile" Alex Jacob Mark Blakewill and James Harris 25 March 2015 216,000
When Nero discovers he is about to get an upcoming call from his overseas father, he accidentally manages to get his phone confiscated by Andress, and he and Dexter attempt to retrieve it, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Dexter competes with Nunn in a contest to find Lizzie's missing green pen, and Eleesha believes she has psychic powers.
49 10 "Party" Tim Hopewell Julia Kent 1 April 2015 249,000
When Nero is invited to popular Martin Thompson's party to act as DJ, he borrows Elmsmere's decks and accidentally destroys them, landing Martin in trouble. Meanwhile, Owen, Clem and Isobel Harlow (a recurring character who has appeared in TheatrePoem and Netball) all run for the role of class president. Owen wins, although he finds that the job is completely futile. Fleur and Eleesha accidentally eat Nunn's doughnut holes, and must replace them in order to save themselves.
50 11 "Science" Alex Jacob Gerard Foster 8 April 2015 N/A
When Nero tries to practice for his audition for a dance club, he inadvertently manages to get himself, Clem, Fleur and Eleesha into Dexter's recorder club while trying to acquire the music room for practice. Meanwhile, Eli causes chaos when he and Owen join Lizzie's lunchtime science club, and Clem attempts to rebel against Andress.
51 12 "Health and Safety" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 15 April 2015 175,000
After Nero and Eli manipulate Dexter to avoid cross-country for P.E. by helping clean the store room, Nero accidentally damages his leg, and retaliates to Dexter (who angrily berated him at the hospital for scattering the store room) by convincing him that the injury was major and he was the cause of it, leading to Elmsmere put on a health-and-safety background. Meanwhile, Owen becomes the assistant to the librarian and discovers a scouting book, and Clem, Fleur and Eleesha manipulate Eli into believing he was once a baby model.
52 13 "Runaway" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 22 April 2015 190,000
As the end of term approaches at Elmsmere, fearing copyright issues, Andress forces Dexter to cancel his musical Harry Potter parody (entitled Hip-Hop Harry Potter), replaced by a new musical entitled Hip-Hop Henry Porter, angering the pupils. To add more disappointment to the situation, Nero discovers his parents are unable to attend the musical, so, tired of being let down by them continuously, he runs away with Clem from Elmsmere to try to find them in Kuwait. Dexter soon discovers that Nero has run away, and enlists the help of Nathan, Josh, Ash, Agness and Zoe-Marie to find him. Meanwhile, Isaac discovers that Bell is the mystery "phantom sprayer" who has been graffiting insults about Andress all over Elmsmere (a running gag throughout the fourth series). To this, Bell fears he will be fired, so he resigns his job to work at a cafe. Dexter, Josh, Nathan and Bell find Nero and Clem, and return them to Elmsmere. Bell is praised for finding Nero, and is given his job back at Elmsmere.Note: This series ended with a rap entitled Never Alone