The third series featured Nathan's proposal and marriage to Melanie Poppy (Laura Aikman), who both departed the series, and Josh is forced to share his room with his annoying younger cousin, Nero (Akai Osei). When the school burns down due to an issue with candles, Elmsbury is merged with another school, Fowlmere Manor, renaming the school Elmsmere Manor High as of the fourth episode of the third series. Molly and Ryan do not appear in the rest of the series and attend a new school off screen. Due to the merger, several new characters joined the series in episode three - these were PE teacher Mr Nunn (Dan Wright), Miss Parkwood (Sophia Di Martino) and pupils in Nero's year; Eli Grant (Daniel Kerr), Owen Garland (Lewis Brindley), Fleur Murphy (Chloe Davison) and Eleesha Rahad (Grace McIntosh). Sally Ann Matthews also joined the cast as head teacher Aine O'Brien.



No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers [5]
27 1 "Christmas" John Howlett Paul Rose 20 December 2013 N/A
Josh helps Agness and her siblings with their Christmas problems, meanwhile the gang rebel against a Scrooge-like Bell's orders by spreading Christmas cheer around the school, and Nathan returns to surprise everyone by proposing to Mel.
28 2 "Wedding" John Howlett Paul Rose 8 January 2014 317,000
Trouble arises on the day of Nathan and Mel's wedding as Josh squabbles with his younger cousin Nero, Zoe-Marie, Molly, and Agness are bridesmaids, and Dexter, Ash, and Ryan are in charge of organizing the school auditorium for the reception. Though after the wedding, Josh and the gang are given a huge surprise by Elmsbury. When the school burns to the ground...
29 3 "Merger" John Howlett Gerard Foster 15 January 2014 N/A
After Elmsbury burns down after the wedding, the gang (save for Ryan and Molly) arrive at their new school Foulmere Manor, where they meet new faces. Meanwhile, Nero wreaks havoc – at Josh's expense, while Dexter tries to impress his new colleagues with a first aid demonstration and nearly scares his new pupils to death.
30 4 "Cross Country" John Howlett Paul Rose 22 January 2014 N/A
Mrs O'Brien and Mr Bell announce that the school name will be renamed to Elmsmere Manor (which is the school name in series 4, 5 and 6.) After pretending to have run laps in P.E. class, Josh and the gang find themselves as members for Mr. Nunn's cross-country team. Meanwhile, suspicion is raised in the school when the new statue is destroyed, and Nero tries his hand at writing a new school anthem.
31 5 "Bench" John Howlett Mark Oswin 29 January 2014 N/A
Nero accidentally loses £60 of Josh's money which Mr Bell spends on a bench. Nero and Josh have to work together to get the money back – or get revenge.
32 6 "Choir" Tim Hopewell Matt Bloom 5 February 2014 376,000
When Dexter starts a choir, Josh rejects it as a "lame" pursuit, but reconsiders when Rachel joins. But when Josh discovers the true boring nature of the choir, he quits, leading to the other members to quit. Meanwhile, Fleur and Eleesha accidentally manage to become the first girls on Mr. Nunn's boys' boxing team, which they try to get exiled from.
33 7 "Mugs" Tim Hopewell Julia Kent 12 February 2014 423,000
Josh skips school to go to an all-day music conference, but he discovers that Parkwood has also attended the event. Meanwhile, Nero, Eli and Owen attempt to create a new online viral, "mugs", to rival "planking", but it manages to cause them problems.
34 8 "Work Experience" Spencer Campbell Gerard Foster 19 February 2014 327,000
When the 4 o'Clock Club gang fail to set up work experience placements, they are given jobs in the school. But If this lot are lousy pupils they are absolutely terrible teachers.
35 9 "Radio" Tim Hopewell Ben Smith 26 February 2014 N/A
When Josh discovers some old radio equipment at school, he persuades Dexter to run a pupil run radio station. Josh is planning to run a radio station to make himself a star and get a date with Rachel – but he hasn't bargained for the other 4 O'Clockers getting involved...
36 10 "Gold" Spencer Campbell Madeleine Brettingham 5 March 2014 303,000
Dexter gets the 4 o'Clock Club digging the school allotment. But boredom with broccoli turns to delight when Josh strikes gold. Meanwhile, Nero joins Owen at scouts and discovers that under the uniforms those guys may not be as silly as they look.
37 11 "Quiche" Spencer Campbell Mark Oswin 12 March 2014 N/A
Josh's plans to invite Rachel to a music festival are threatened, when his one hope, Natalie, has promised his ticket to Nero, so the cousins compete against each other in culinary activity to raise enough money to purchase the ticket.
38 12 "Prefects" John Howlett Gerard Foster 19 March 2014 N/A
Josh wants to put a gig on at a village hall. But when Mum refuses to sign the booking form, Josh takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Mr Bell's scheme to create school prefects doesn't go as smoothly as he hoped.
39 13 "Audition" Spencer Campbell Paul Rose 26 March 2014 N/A
When Josh plans to audition for a spot at Hillview Institute, a music academy, his dream is thwarted when he discovers that he needs a perfect academic record. Meanwhile, Nero, Ash and the gang are chosen to review Bell and O'Brien, which leads to a disastrous surprise that gets Bell demoted, O'Brien fired, and Miss Andress promoted as Elmsmere's new headteacher.Note: This series ended with a rap entitled Forever

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