Ring is the 78th overall episode of the 4 o clock club and the series 6 finale


Dexter and Lizzie announce they are getting married but they can't afford one until Crispin agrees to help Dexter wedding by giving him his original wedding plan for him and anisatsia to him which is the next day so they have to get ready but a lot of mishaps occur which could prevent Dexter and Lizzie getting married


Polly again mentions all the mishaps Neros gotten her into....she not getting over this is she

An actress resembling Bebe Johnson appears at the wedding

Zoe-Marie appears again and now her hair is dyed dark blue and she is no longer pregnant having the baby offscreen but it never stated what its gender is but during Lizzie tanning scene Lizzie question the word Rylan suggesting that its name

Owen and Katie break up after the former ask for Dexter ring back

The costumes worn at Dexter's bachelor party are a batman, wonder woman, a genric gnome and three random made up superhero costumes.


It would be impossible to pull off a wedding like this in less than a day

Everyone at the bachelor party is arrested despite that it was only Mr Bell and Mr Nunn that caused the disberbance and this would only get them kicked out of the restaurant

Nobody not even the restaurant or the police removed the chair handcuffed to Dexter before going to jail

Mr Nunn Batman costume is ovieously altered for trademark reasons but the name is still used