Owen Garland is a Sixth Form student at Elmsmere Manor. He was first introduced in Series 3 as a Fowlmere pupil, close friends with Eli Grant.

Similar to former character Ryan, Owen often acts of the voice of reason in his friendship group. However, due to his general lack of confidence and preference to keep quiet, he usually ends up going along with his friends' schemes.

Despite this, on certain occasions, Owen has acted on his thoughts and opinions. In the episode Space, he uses his ventriloquist dummy Dinnsdale to insult and mock his peers without feeling remorse. In the later episode Stig, he makes attempts to force Katie and Fleur apart, unable to come to terms with his true feelings about the former.

He has a strong dislike for sports - although he excels in other academic areas. This is mainly due to him being physically unfit; he describes himself as "not the most sporty boy" in Funeral.

Physical Appearance

Owen has white skin, and has maintained his short, ginger hair throughout every series he's appeared in. This has proven to be unpopular with his peers - Polly refers to him as a "bookworm with bad hair" in the episode Rats.

As of Series 8, he wears a pair of glasses and remains the only one of the group to wear the school uniform


  • In Zombie, he has a crush on Clem after he's lead to believe she has a genuine interest in him, too. This is not exhibited in any other episode.
  • According to Owen, all of the firstborn sons in his family are given the middle name Dinnsdale, including himself.
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