Mrs Morgan

Mrs Morgan is the Chair of Governors of Elmsmere Manor. She was first seen in 'Rash' as a pharmacist that helps Nero. She is Polly's Mum, the boss of Helena Goodman, Crispin Bell, Susan Wrigley, Danny Boyd, Maddie Harper and Graham Nunn and is the enemy of Evan.

Throughout Series 7, 8 and 9, she is seen as a strict but calm character who monitors Mr Bell and Miss Wrigley. She usually encourages Polly to do something, despite cancelling last minute. In 'Limo' she is seen as the antagonist and we see the dark side of her. She hates Evan and the Polly and Evan relationship, especially when it causes Polly not to go to University. She is portrayed by Maeve Larkin in Series 6 Rosina Carbone for the remainder of the series.

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