Molly (Alana Thornton) was a main character and student at Elmsbury High School

She was very similar to Josh as they were troublemakers and ended up in detention a lot.

About Molly

She is a frequent trouble maker and will do anything to make money. For example, in series 1  she told Ryan she would do his homework for him if he paid her. She is always in detention. she is a typical goth and is also best friends with Agness and Zoe- Marie. Sometimes Ryan is often afraid of her she also owned a camera and took photos she also used it to help Josh with his demo CD for B-Mode by taking photos of Josh to put on the cover.

In series 2 it is mentioned that Molly's last name is Finnegan, however in series 1 it is apparently Taylor.

In series 2 episode 1 she was mistaken by Agness as " in mourning. " as she is wearing dark clothes,As Ryan and Ash make silly remarks she makes a snide remark about the boys not hitting puberty.

In series 3 following the school burning down she stopped the goth appearance and carries on  with her look from series 1 as she  and with Ryan attend a private school leaving her mates behind at Fowlmere ( now turned Elmsmere.) It is unknown what happens to her while she is at private school. Molly's last appearance is in Series 3 episode "Merger" she is well hard and she is always angry (sometimes)


Some episodes of 4 o clock club made hints to a relation between her and Ryan as he showed concern for her in Camping when she got stuck on a tree and Ryan even kissed her(by accident in Quiz)

She is afraid of heights and Spiders as shown in Camping

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