Miss Wrigley

Susan Wrigley is the Head Teacher of Elmsmere Manor. She is first introduced in the episode 'Keys'. When she is first seen, she loses a set of keys that have her own car keys on them which leads the students to the confiscation cupboard. In order to keep her job, she steals Issac's set of keys. But soon, thanks to Reiss, he hangs Wrigley's set of keys around Isaac's neck, allowing him to stay.

Miss Wrigley's strictness is very similar to previous teachers, like Mr Bell, Miss O'Brien, and Miss Andress. She is seen smirking every time after making a stern order. Despite being a Deputy, several teachers and students go to her for permission or punishments. In 'Elvis', Mr Bell resigns and she becomes the Headteacher. She might be scared of Miss Morgan due to her power that can fire her.

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