Melanie Poppy
Miss Poppy
Character Information
Nicknames Mel
Occupation Music Teacher at Elmsbury Academy
Relationship Information
Parents Mrs Poppy (Mother)
Spouse Nathan Carter (Husband)
Siblings Gary (Brother)
Children Moses Carter (Son)
Unnamed Son or Daughter
Relatives Liz Carter (Mother in law)
Josh Carter (Brother in law)
Bebe Johnson (Aunt in law)
Nero Johnson (Cousin in law)
Friends Nathan Carter
Dexter Harris
Relationships Married, mother
Production Information
First Episode Back to School
Last Episode Wedding
Played By Laura Aikman

Melanie Poppy was in the 4 O Clock Club and was the music teacher and Nathan Carter "Doc Brown" was in love with her and Josh Carter tries to help Nathan

Character History

Series 1

She was introduced as a guide to help Nathan get settled in and learn the rules of teaching in elembury unlike the other teachers she was kind and cared about the students and would leave them speak there problem instead of giving them detention straight away,Though she was the music teacher she would get into other projects such as a play and auction

Series 2

She returned to find out Mr Byron was replaced by Crispin Bell and really wanted to make the school best it ever was, Nathan finally ask her out and she accepts but after she became a year head Nathan left to teach in Scotland but would return near the end of term, during this time she begins to help Dexter Harris settle in but its harder as he wants to proof a point and ends up causing trouble for everyone.

Series 3

Nathan proposed to her during Christmas and the two would marry and depart for Scotland after the school burns down.

Series 4

She becomes pregnant and eventually gave birth to Moses and is stopped teaching to raise him and is exhausted causing Nathan to give her a break and go to the Carter apartment for a while.

Series 5

According to Liz Carter she now pregnant with another child and is having trouble causing Liz to move to Scotland to help her family and forces Nero to move to Scotland as well.

Physical Appearance

Mel has fair skin, blonde hair and brown eyes

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