Lizzie Baker was a character in the 4 o'clock club. Who Dexter married.

Lizzie is first seen in Ghost when she joins Elmsmere as the new Science teacher.

Lizzie hates Clowns, this is mentioned in "Time Capsule".

In the episode "run away" Lizze helps Dexter come up with a new end of term show and covers for him when Nero goes missing

Lizzie is played by Sarah Schoenbeck.

In series 5 her little sister Amber joins Elmsmere she is the complete opposite of Lizzie Funny and Cheeky and she also starts dating Dexter but they have to keep it a secret from everyone especially Mr Nunn and during the season begins to phase out her serious and realistic attitude.

In Series 6 she becomes pregnant with and has twins Albert and Faraday and in Rings marries Dexter.

In Series 7 she and Dexter move to the US in search of a better life.

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