Series 01, Episode 05
Air Date 10 February 2012
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Laptop is the fifth episode of the first series of CBBC's television series, 4 O'Clock Club, which was first broadcast on 10 February 2012.


When Nathan's laptop mysteriously breaks down in the middle of a project, Josh is the obvious suspect.

Josh dodges the problem by suggesting Nathan borrows a replacement from the terrifying Miss Andress's IT classroom. But when that laptop goes missing, which of the Carter brothers will end up carrying the can?


Mr Byron is shown to have a love of golf as he is playing it when josh goes to his office for the second time during the episode

Like Assembly, games and consoles are renamed for copyright as shown with Kick squad (possibly Fifa or Pro evolution soccer)

During the protest Ash can be heard demanding for nudity


When Josh closed the laptop after spilling his drink on it had a wet stain but Nathan had it cracked opened,the stain was gone

Josh's line Ahhhhhh wanna play kick squad is clearly said though a microphone

Nathan didn't think to charge his laptop if it wouldn't turn on

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