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Jack Harper is a student at Elmsmere Manor, first joining in Series 7. Younger than most other characters, he transferred from an unknown school after his mother, Maddie Harper, moved into Bell's flat.

He resides in this flat (previously home to the Carter family) along with CJ. Jack was very reluctant to move in at first, but as of Series 8, he seems to be fine with the living arrangement.

Despite being younger than his friends, he's typically less willing to go along with their schemes. He criticises CJ particularly often, although they are still shown to get along well.

Physical Appearance

Jack has dark skin and black hair, like his mother.


  • In Museum, Maddie states Jack is 11 years old, which would put him in Year 7 throughout Series 7.
  • In Holiday, Jack states he "lost [his] dad". It's unknown whether this is intended to imply that his father is dead, or that his parents broke up.