Isaac Rodgers is the site manager at Elmsmere Manor. When he was a student, he became the replacement for Ryan in Josh's gang.


He made his first appearance in New Term when Josh, Ash and Ryan went down an alley and were cornered by him and his friends as he was unhappy about them going to Elmsbury over Fowlmere and chased them down until he lost them.

He would make his first full appearance in the Series 3 episode meager when he had to share his locker with Josh and became friend with him as a result and would end up getting caught up with his problems and end up in detention

In series 4 he became the new caretaker and would having to clean up the mess left behind by Nero gang and Mr Bell as the phantom sprayer

In series 5 he would have to help Dexter impress Lizzie by being shown and getting presents for her but he thought Lizzie was a dog and would wrongly accuse and get the wrong things for Dexter

In series 6 he had less adventures then before but still run into problems as he was suspended after Amber rode his cleaner and nearly Hurt Mr Nunn and attended Dexter and Lizzie Wedding were he cut Dexter from the chair Mr Bell cuffed to him

In series 7...


He has light tan skin and wears glasses and has dark hair that's styled in a flat top afro and at first w he doesn't like to get into trouble often complaining about it to people and is quite forgetful and will mishear people causing him to accuse them of doing misdeeds


Isaac was quite different in his first appearance as was exactly like Josh in behavior and had 2 friends resembling Ryan and Ash, this was because the character of Isaac wasn't created at the time and wasn't named as he is only referred to as Fowlmere Josh in the credits

He is the only member of Josh gang to stay at Elmsmere after leaving as he got a job as the caretaker

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