Ingrid Ingham is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor and the younger sister of Zoe-Marie Ingham. Ingrid first appeared in series 5, joining Elmsmere along with Amber, Violet and Darnesh. Though she treats them aggressively at first, she becomes friendlier as the school years progress.

Ingrid has a lot in common with her sister, Zoe-Marie Ingham. She talks very quickly and uses an unsophisticated vocabulary, though Ingrid is less stand-offish when compared to her sibling. Ingrid often believes she is above Amber and her group, which leads to frequent competition between them. Ingrid and Amber have a very love-hate relationship; they often alternate between being friends and being enemies.

Physical Appearance

In her first appearances, Ingrid has dark brown hair worn in a messy bun, and pale white skin. However, as the school years progress, Ingrid's skin becomes a darker tan and her hair is longer and wavy.


In "Fight", Zoe-Marie states that she has another sister named Malica. This would suggest there is a third Ingham sibling.

Despite being enemies, Amber and Ingrid have a lot in common: They're both troublemakers, with siblings who have been present in Elmsmere Manor; Lizzie as a teacher and Zoe-Marie as a student.

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