Helena Goodman is the former headteacher of Elmsmere Manor. First introduced in Series 5, she believed in encouragement and motivation over punishment and annoys Crispin Bell when he is forced to take new pupils Amber, Violet, and Darnesh to Chickentastic as punishment for their actions instead of giving them a detention.

She works as hard as possible to make sure Elmsmere Manor is a peaceful, calm working environment and tries various techniques to try and end Isaac and Nunn's rivalry.

In Series 7 Elmsmere had to move to a new building after Mrs Goodman let the old school into debt. Mr Bell encourages her to take a break, saying it's for her own good, when in reality Mr Bell only wanted himself to regain the position of headteacher for himself. In Rats, she comes back to watch the headteacher's conference and appears in the school throughout the next three episodes but has not yet reclaimed her position as headteacher. In Talent, she comes back and cancels the talent show, leading to Polly almost getting expelled after an argument with Mr Bell.

In Roof, Mr Bell is enraged to find out Mrs Goodman has agreed to stay on as headteacher and ends up destroying a painting of her from the library and then blames it on rebellious new boy Evan. In Quitter, Mrs Goodman admits she has been finding her job quite stressful recently and resigns, resulting in Mr Bell as becoming headteacher once again.

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