Ghost is the first episode of the forth series of the CBBC show 4 O'Clock Club, which was first broadcast on 28 January 2014.



Josh leaves to go to his new school. Before he leaves he says goodbye to Ash,Isaac,Zoe-Marie and Agness. Bebe has left to live with her husband in another country leaving Nero and Josh's mum.When new girl, Clem attends Elmsmere, Nero steps up to be bad boy by going school ghost hunting.Eli, Clem and Nero break into the school,but get caught by Dexter and Mr Bell who also had broke into the school


First appearance of Clem and Lizzie Baker

Starting with this Episode,Nero has taken the place from Josh as main character

Nero gang have undergone slight puberty with slightly deeper voices(particularly Eli voice)

Josh will appear again along with Nathan in Time capsule while Zoe Marie, Ash, Agness will appear in Runaway

The Elmsmere sign has undergone a change with the E.L.M.S now colored to match the rest of the sign as well as the uniforms which are the same as Fowlmere but with a yellow shirt and green tie with the Elmsmere badge.

The intro and theme song have changed again with the same animation as series 3 but with new animation models for Nero gang and Clem and with vocals sang by them

Zoe Marie finally shows her love for Ash as she kisses him

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