Fowlmere Manor is a school that changed to Elmsmere Manor when Elmsbury Academy and Fowlmere Manor merged after a fire at Elmsbury Academy.


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Fowlmere Manor's uniform consisted of a green jumper with the school badge, a yellow polo shirt and grey or black trousers or skirt.


Series 2:

Fowlmere Manor is never shown on screen, but is referred to several times. In New Term, Mr Bell tells Nathan his plans to send the 4OCC regulars to Fowlmere and Josh, Ash, and Ryan encounter three Fowlmere pupils resembling themselves on the way to school the following day, and the pupils chase after them until they lose them. In Project Zenith, Mr Bell attempts to sell half of the school off to developers, kicking some of the 'less promising' pupils into Fowlmere (including the 4OCC) but the 4OCC protest resulting in Miss Andress saying that Project Zenith is on hold until further notice.

Series 3:

After Elmsbury Academy burns down after a candle falls over at Nathan and Mel's wedding, the school merges with Fowlmere Manor renaming the school Elmsmere Manor in Cross Country. Ryan and Molly do not go to Fowlmere and instead attend a private school off screen.

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