Series 1, Episode 1: Restart

Upon winning his worst grade ever, Josh Carter seeks help from his friends: A+ student Ryan Woods, and dumb and stupid Ashley Newman. But he discovers something about his brother, Nathan, he never knew before.


Josh Carter is in a concert, performing. He introduces himself, and all the fans scream for his autograph. His expensive bodyguard tells everyone to settle down while Josh starts the music. When he starts, everyone starts screaming 'J-CARTER! J-CARTER!' Then his brother comes onto stage with cereal, in his pajamas. He asks if Josh wants some cereal, humiliating Josh with all his fans laughing at him. He then wakes up and sees his brother Nathan holding some cereal and asking him if he wants some. Josh rolls his eyes and turns over.

At Josh's school, Elmsbury High, the headteacher, Mr Byron, is giving a long lecture on how you should co-operate with changes. Josh's phone rings, humiliating him in the middle of assembly. He is given detention and his arch-enemy, Darius, snickers. Josh stands up and asks Darius what's so funny. Darius replies his brother, who didn't even have a proper rap career. Josh shoves Darius, who shoves Josh back, causing Josh to be given two detentions, and Darius having a detention. Josh is annoyed that Darius got under his skin.

In detention, Josh is sitting with his two best friends, A student Ryan Woods, and dumb Ash Newman. He has 3 other allies: fast-speaker Zoe-Marie Ingham, cautious Agness Adao and artist Molly Finnagan. Zoe-Marie often calls Agness and Molly insults, though Molly sometimes bounces against Zoe-Marie, while Agness is the one who doesn't cause trouble but always ends up getting into it. Darius is the star of the PE teacher, Mr Thorne's boxing team. He is with his boxing entourage. They snicker and laugh at Josh, who gets consoled by Agness and Ryan who try to stop him. Josh goes back to remember when his older brother Nathan was at Elmsbury, and had an nemesis called Alden, and how Nathan reacted. He did nothing, and Alden ended up getting excluded. Ash stands up and goes up to Darius, where Josh stops him. Ash though continues to go towards Darius, where he drags Ryan up with him. Ash asks Darius if he can actually box and Darius asks if he can actually pass an exam. Ryan bugs in and says he can, if he tutors him to get anything other than a F. Darius laughs at this and shoves Ash until he hits Ryan, who hits Josh, who hits Agness, who hits Molly, who hits Zoe-Marie, and everyone until Darius gets hit as well. Mr Byron comes in and gives Darius a month of detention.

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