Elmsbury Academy (previously Elmsbury High School) is a school that was closed when Elmsbury Academy and Fowlmere Manor merged after a fire at Elmsbury Academy, which was caused by Nathan and Mel's Wedding an overabundance of candles on the cake at Nathan and Mel's wedding, and the cake then being pushed over, subsequently reducing the school to rubble and ash. (Not the character Ash!)


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The Elmsbury High School and Elmsbury Academy uniform consisted of a dark red jumper with the logo (changing from Elmsbury High School to Elmsbury Academy), a white shirt worn with a red, black, blue and yellow striped tie and grey or black trousers or skirt.

Upon the merger, Elmsbury Academy pupils continued wearing their uniform for Series 3 but in Series 4 they all switched to the Elmsmere Manor uniform, which consisted of a green jumper with the Elmsmere logo and a white shirt worn with a green and yellow striped tie.

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