Eli is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor and a member of Nero's gang

Series 3

Eli first appears in Merger, episode 3 throwing stuff at the Elmsbury lot. He then sees Nero and gets detention. Eli isn't the smartest in this series and resembles a younger Ash. He wants to rival 'planking' a viral video, and gets in trouble for it. Eli is the only one of the trio (Nero, Eli and Owen) not to get caught up in scouty stuff.

Series 4

Eli's matured a bit in this series. He and Nero take a liking for the new girl Clem. He and Nero both try to impress her, and Nero nearly did before Eli ruined it talking about ghosts. Clem's reply was "A ghost hunt, what are you, 5?" In ghost, he ends up getting scared of Nero's fake ghost and he thinks Mr. Harris is a ghost. In "Toads" he tries to stick up for Nero, he is sometimes an Idiot like Ash was and he and his friend Owen are weird .

Series 5

Eli was more like Ash when he was older in this series and he had a strong passion for Nero for whatever reason. Him and Owen seemed to have a big rivalry as is shown in 'Cardigan'. He became more of a fan favorite in this series. Eli was shown to like a girl called Amy.

Series 6


In Series 4, Eli replaces Ash Newman as a main character he is not one of the intelligent characters.

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