Eleesha Rahad is a sixth-form student at Elmsmere Manor. Eleesha originally appeared as student of Fowlmere Manor, introduced in Series 3 along with the rest of her friendship group.

Eleesha is shown to be naive. She accepts anything she is told and constantly strives to do "the right thing". Eleesha is also prone to blame the supernatural for any otherwise inexplicable events. Once Eleesha has decided upon something, it takes a lot of effort to persuade her otherwise.

Eleesha is best friends with Fleur Murphy. Despite Fleur's tendency to sarcastically mock Eleesha, the pair always remain at each other's sides. When Fleur was preoccupied with Katie, Eleesha found a new best friend in Polly Morgan. Prior to the departure of Clem Burton, Eleesha, Fleur and Clem would often be found together.

Physical Appearance

Eleesha has dark skin and brown eyes. Her short, black hair is often worn in a ponytail. Before moving to sixth-form, she often wore a headband and colourful leggings alongside her school uniform.


Eleesha seems to have a fascination with predicting the future. In the Series 4 episode Mobile, Eleesha claims she can tell the future after making a successful prediction. A similar situation occurs in the Series 6 episode Chair, where Eleesha believes that Eli's bladder possesses psychic powers.

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