Series 01, Episode 04
Air Date 3 February 2012
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Disco is the fourth episode of the first series of CBBC's television series 4 O'Clock Club which was first broadcast on the 3rd of February 2012.


The school disco means just one thing for the Carter brothers - girl trouble.

Josh accidentally invites Zoe-Marie to be his date, while Nathan tries desperately to impress the gorgeous Miss Poppy and tempt her to join him in the Teachers' Dance. Only Ash has any success with the girls - in fact, more success than he can handle.


Ryan's revealed to be a cello player.

The song Bille Jean by Michael Jackson is played during the first third of the disco

First episode to show Ash and Zoe Marie relationship as she is excitedly happy after Josh tells her he was the one who wanted to ask her out (there relationship won't be bought up again until Ice Cream)

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