Darnesh Palmer is a character introduced in Series 5 of 4 O'Clock Club. Since his introduction he has remained the comedy relief member of Amber's gang - although there are a number of plots where he's the main focus, too.

He first arrives at Elmsmere as a Year 7 student in Series 5, with his closest friends Amber and Violet. From his very first scene, he's shown to be goofy and easily fooled - this is a trait that sticks with him throughout the series.

His role stays the same throughout the following series, as does his personality. Even as an older student, he's often immature and has a somewhat childish perception of everything going on around him.

Physical Appearance

Darnesh has always worn a pair of somewhat large glasses. These get broken on multiple occasions.

He has short, blonde hair with a long fringe.


  • Darnesh is the only boy out of the central 3 members of Amber's gang.
  • He owns a cat named Fluffy.
  • Darnesh and his father often play a game called "Sticky Chaser". The rules consist of one player throwing a stick, and the other player chasing it.
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