Danny Boyd is the music teacher at Elmsmere Manor and replaced Dexter Harris. Graham Nunn took an immediate dislike to him, insulting him for politely speaking to Bell and helping him out.

He first appeared in Farewell and helped the gang compose a song to say goodbye to Nero to play in assembly. After none of the other job candidates turned up to their interview, he was given the job of music teacher. It is not known if he has taken over running detention from Mr Bell, as he is shown to be supervising it in Magic, although he could just have been covering for Mr Bell as Mr Bell had to prepare for Mrs Morgan to come around to his flat to hear his educational conference speech.

He is shown to be a pushover, and when Fleur and Eleesha insult his clothing in Magic instead of giving them a detention or telling them off he just agrees with them. However, he appears to get angry when CJ yells at him in Quitter and sends him to Mrs Goodman's office.

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