Mr Crispin Bell is the current Headteacher of Elmsmere Manor a title to which he is most proud of.

He was the headteacher before Elmsbury Academy turned into Elmsmere Manor when It was burnt to the ground after Nathan's wedding with Mel. He then became co-headteachers with Fowlmere headteacher Miss Aine O'Brien. However, when the 4 O Clock Club review Bell and his colleague O'Brien, he is demoted to a teacher, O'Brien got fired, and his former Elmsbury High teacher and Elmsbury Academy deputy head, Miss Anita Andress, moved to Elmsmere and made headteacher. He became angry by this, and in a result, decided to spray insults about the head, and with former Fowlmere and Elmsmere student, current caretaker Mr Rogers (who prefers to be called by his name, Isaac) discovering he was the ''phantom sprayer'', Bell resigned as Elmsmere teacher and was hired as a waiter in a cafe. Upon finding lost and disappeared students Nero Johnson and Clem Burton, he is given his job back, much to Andress' dismay. He is ecstatic when he discovered Andress has left Elmsmere.

He is annoyed when the new head, Helena Goodman, finds encouragement better than punishment. He becomes a quick enemy with Miss Baker's younger half-sister Amber, when she dumps her lunch on him, giving her detention. Much to his anger, he is forced by Miss Goodman to take Amber and her entourage, Violet and Darnesh to Chickentastic, rather than giving them a tough detention. He is delighted when Miss Goodman decides to give interviews for deputy head, but feels betrayed upon discovering Dexter Harris, the head of Music, is running for deputy head, and then discovers the PE teacher Mr Nunn is also running. When Nunn becomes out of the running, Dexter is offered the job, upon Bell's failed Italian lesson, but drops out, meaning Bell becomes promoted to deputy head.

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