Clem Burton
Clem Burton
Character Information
Nicknames Clem
School St Millicents' Convent
Elmsmere Manor
Occupation Pupil
Relationship Information
Friends Fleur Murphy
Eleesha Rashad
Nero Johnson
Owen Garland
Eli Grant( (former)
Relationships Nero Johnson (Ex-Boyfriend)
Production Information
First Episode Ghost
Last Episode Karaoke
Played By Jade Alleyne

Clementine "Clem" Burton was a pupil at Elmsmere Manor who's was a rebel at first but opened up from series 5 - 6. On her first day she stood up to Mrs Andress in assembly.

Character History

Before going to Elmsmere Manor, Clem went to several different schools, one of them being St Millicent's Convent. She didn't fit in there and as a result was bullied and teased by the other girls. She now goes to Elmsmere Manor after failing her exams and getting kicked out of St Millicent's. She then joins Nero and the gang and together create or somehow gets blamed for trouble. After being friends with the gang for so long, the others release her and point out that her and Nero are perfect together and try to convince them; however they don't see it but deep down she has feelings for Nero and wants him to ask her out. She has kissed Eli once

Physical Appearance

Clem has light brown skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair is long and brown and is typically worn in a ponytail. Clem wears an army jacket with her school uniform covered in badges and green metallic doc martens along with skinny black jeans.


Strangely Clem's animation model for the intro in Series 6 has her skin re-colored to be the same shade as Nero and Eleesha, its unknown if this was an error or an intentional change

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