Christmas past is the first episode of series 8 and the 92nd episode of 4 o clock club


its Christmas at Elmsmere and everyone is happily awaiting the coming holiday, except Mr bell who is not looking forward to the celebrations and is ruining the spirit of Christmas for everyone, However a visit from some "special guests" may change his views and strengthen his Christmas spirit.


This is the second Christmas episode of 4 o clock club.

The plot of the episode is based on the famous Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens'

The original title for the episode was "Ding dong merrily on high".

Final episode to depict Polly, Fleur, Eli and Eleesha wearing the Elmsmere uniforms.

The intros been updated with Polly and Danny now in the places of Nero and Dexter,interestingly CJ is depicted on the turntable which is normally reserved for the lead characters.

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