Series 3, Episode 6: Choir


Dexter decides to stand out as head of music to start a choir, which Josh deems the lamest thing ever until Rachel joins and Josh thinks it's the perfect time to get close to her, with awful results. Fleur and Eleesha allow girls to join Mr Nunn's boxing boys-only club, and also get Miss O'Brien to put them in as well.


Josh, Nero and Dexter are in the car, getting out to go to Elmsmere classes. Josh tells Nero Jay-Z is the best rapper in the world, while Kanye West isn't the best on his album. Nero says Jay-Z's old school, while Kanye West is trying to be different. While they are having the balanced argument, Dexter calls them and yells at them to get out so he can lock up. Mrs Johnson asks Dexter why he's so depressed and he answers he has to assembly, Mrs Johnson tells him that the Elmsmere students never pay attention anyway. Dexter brings up Fowlmere teacher Mrs Greenwood's Bollywood dancing assembly, which Nero's mum thinks were professionals when they were just more Elmsmere students. Dexter says he wants to make a good impression on Bell and O'Brien, in the process he bumps into Mr Bell, spilling his tea all over him. Dexter then lies to Bell he has tons of ideas for the assembly, which Bell deems good, because he is the only Elmsbury teacher that joined the merge of Elmsbury and Fowlmere, so he expects him to give a good impression. 

In the corridor, Josh walks casually up to Rachel, which he calls her 'R-to-the-C'. Ash and Isaac slide their way up to Josh, seeing what he's doing. Josh asks Rachel what she's doing, and she replies she getting her books out of her locker, and Josh blows it off by laughing. Josh tells Rachel about his 'J-Hyphen' ad, and is confused when Rachel is confused when she asks what ad. Ash and Isaac catch Josh, laughing. Ash takes advantage of Josh's situation with Rachel, where Isaac says he's such a hit with the Dinner Ladies, not the Student Ladies.

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