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CJ Bell (real name Crispin Junior Bell) is a student at Elmsmere Manor and the son of Crispin Bell. He first appeared in the Series 6 episode Chair, unexpectedly showing up at Mr. Bell's doorstep after being sent by his mother to live there.

CJ is often mischievous and destructive, to such an extent that his mother can not stand living with him. As such, he was forced to move in with his father (Crispin Bell) instead.

CJ does not have a very good relationship with his father. In fact, he dislikes his father to such an extent that he refuses to be called by his real name, "Crispin Junior", opting for the alias "CJ" instead. CJ takes pleasure in sabotaging his father's work and refuses to take part in bonding activities.

Much like Amber Baker, CJ is uninterested in his school career; he frequently comes to blows with teachers due to his refusal to cooperate. When CJ first joined Elmsmere Manor, Amber, Violet and Darnesh were instructed to look after him, insuring he stays out of trouble. This led to CJ being welcomed into Amber's friendship group.

After Crispin invites Maddie Harper into the Carter flat, Jack Harper begins to share CJ's room. This resulted in the pair becoming very close friends, despite their differences in age and personality. The duo frequently stick together, with CJ being eager to cause chaos and Jack coming along for the ride.

In Series 8, CJ is against the idea of moving to Wales with his dad and gets in a bad mood because of it, but when Mr Bell gets given the job of headteacher after Goodman's resignation, CJ and Bell stay in the Carter flat. In Magic however CJ wants to move in with his mum and stepdad but Mr Bell makes him stay to help out with the magic show. However, it was later revealed that the real reason CJ's mum had not taken CJ back was because she went on a trip around the world with his stepdad. After talking to Jack, CJ realises his dad does care for him unlike his mum.

Physical Appearance

CJ has white skin and short brown hair. His hair becomes thicker as the school years progress.


  • The final straw that forced CJ to move was feeding his step fathers stamp collecton to the dog.
  • CJ's final appearance led him to go to St. Cuthbert's, but weirdly enough, he left St. Cuthbert's before coming to Elmsmere, but no one seems to notice this.