Bebe Johnson
Bebe Johnson
Character Information
Occupation Secretary at Elmsmere Manor
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Relationship Information
Spouse Dan Johnson (Ex-Husband)
Siblings Liz Carter (Sister)
Children Nero Johnson (Son)
Relatives Nathan Carter (Nephew)
Josh Carter (Nephew)
Melanie Poppy (Niece-In-Law)
Moses Carter (Great-Nephew)
Production Information
First Episode Wedding
Last Episode Prefects
Number of Episodes 55
Played By Kerry Stacey

Bebe is the sister of Mrs Carter, Josh's Mom, and is the aunt of Josh and Nero's Mom, She first appears in the second episode of Series Three, called the Wedding and appears in every episode until Audition. In the episode Bench, she becomes Elmsmere's new Secretary and often made Nero embarrassed

In Series 4 it is referenced that Bebe has got back with Nero's Dad and is in another country and was supposed to return, instead sending a bike in the fourth episode

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