Baby is the 4th episode of Series 6 and the 69th episode of the 4 o clock club.


The arrival of Dexter and Lizzie baby is getting close, but Nero's Behavior results in Lizzie leaving,Which results in Nero and Dexter getting into an argument with Dexter blaming Nero and calling him trouble,Resulting in Nero telling Dexter that he pity's the baby has to have Dexter as a father,Leaving both of them guilty and wanting to apologize to each.

The next day,Things turn to chaos as Lizzie goes into labor and Dexter attempts to reunite with her but unfortunate mishaps may prevent him from reaching her.


This episode was air alongside the previous episode,with this being aired as a 40 minute special,As a result, this episode has the most raps in an episode.

this the first episode to feature an intro transition into the episode,the next episode to feature one will be Christmas past.

This is the only series 6 episode following Clem's departure to not feature Polly as she debuts in the next episode.

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