Audition is the 13th and final episode of series 3 of the 4 o clock club


Josh auditions for a place at a music college but discovers he needs an academic record meanwhile Ash, Nero and the others are chosen to review Bell and o Brien which leads to a nasty surprise that gets Bell demoted O Brien sacked and Miss Andreas appointed as the new headmistress.


This episode marks the final appearances of many things

Josh, Ash, Zoe Marie and Agness as part of the main cast and as student

Mrs O Brien, Miss Parkwood, Natalie Harlow and Bebe Johnson

The Elemsbury Academy and Fowlmere Manor uniforms (The former would appear as an error in Time Capsule)

Crispin Bell as a headmaster

The season 3 theme song and regular use of the season 2 credits theme

Other Trivia

Miss Andress returns after a brief appearance in Merger

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