Audition is the 13th and final episode of series 3 of the 4 O Clock Club


Josh auditions for a place at Hillview Academy but discovers he needs an academic record to be allowed to go there.Meanwhile Ash, Nero and the others are chosen to review Bell and o Brien for the Headteacher position which leads to a nasty surprise that gets Bell demoted O Brien sacked and Miss Andreas appointed as the new headmistress.


This episode marks the final appearances of many things

  • Josh, Ash, Zoe Marie and Agness as part of the main cast and as student
  • Mrs O Brien, Miss Parkwood, Natalie Harlow and Bebe Johnson
  • The Elemsbury Academy and Fowlmere Manor uniforms (The former would appear as an error in Time Capsule)
  • Crispin Bell as a headmaster
  • The season 3 theme song and regular use of the season 2 credits theme

Miss Andress returns after a brief appearance in Merger

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