Antenatal is the first episode of series 6 and the 66th episode of the 4 o clock club.


Its a new term at Elemsmere and Nero and Clem are now a couple, but there first day back may proof their relationship is not as sweet as they believe, Meanwhile Dexter and Lizzie are expecting a baby and are planning to spend the day at a Antenatal class, leaving Mr Nunn to look over their classes while Amber tries to proof to him that you can stick someone to the ceiling with static electricity


The intro been updated with hallway shot now featuring Amber, Violet, Darnesh and Ingrid.

First appearance of Anastasia, Mr Bells new girlfriend.

This marks the second time a party has been held in the Carters apartment since [[Party].

Zoe-Marie and Ash are also expecting a baby, this episode also marks the final appearance of Ash Newman.

Natalie Harlow is now updated to a main cast member appearing in most episodes, The reason is likely due to her actress having stared as Sophie in The BFG.

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