Amber Baker is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor and close friend of Violet and Darnesh. Amber first appeared in Series 5, joining Elmsmere along with her peers Violet, Darnesh and Ingrid Ingham.

Amber could be considered the trouble-maker of her friendship group; Amber loves making mischief, no matter the consequences. Amber is very competitive, shown by her frequent attempts to upstage all of Ingrid's accomplishments.

Amber is not a very studious pupil of Elmsmere, frequently talking back to teachers, skipping homework and cheating on tests.

She is very concerned with her social standing. When Amber first joins Elmsmere, she is pleased at the prospect of finally being "one of the cool ones". However, this plan is quickly stunted by the fact her sister, Lizzie Baker, is a science teacher at the school. Amber took a strong anti-authoritarian approach in an attempt to combat comments denoting her as a teacher's pet.

Amber has a very love-hate relationship with Ingrid; despite frequently arguing, the pair still hang out and occasionally work together in order to achieve mutual goals.

When Lizzie and Dexter Harris get together, Amber begins to visit the Carter flat on a more regular basis, even sleeping over on occasion. This leads to a sibling-like relationship between Amber and Nero Johnson. Despite frequent arguments, the pair do care for each other. For example, when Zoe-Marie Ingham threatens Amber in Flower, Nero steps in to protect her.

When CJ Bell first moved to Elmsmere, Amber welcomed him into her friend group, which later included Jack Harper as a result.

Physical Appearance

Amber is dark-skinned and has a variety of coloured beads in her braided black hair. Amber is the shortest of her friend group, which leaves her open to insult from bullies; especially from Ingrid.


Amber and Lizzie's relationship could be likened to Nathan Carter and Josh Carter. Both were pairs of siblings with one teacher and one student.

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