Is the fifth episode of series 5


Clem freaks out when Nero sends her a CD of love songs which were actually for Lizzie and she thinks that Dexter invited her for a Zombie apocalypse which was for Clem meanwhile Amber, Violet and Darnesh play a game to see how many sticky notes they can get on every student and teacher but with Darnesh well ahead Amber and Violet decide to get Mr Bell they all end up in detention due to Amber calling Bell a stinking Norman however they spot Mr Bell at a supermarket afterwards they all try to get Bell but Amber gets him when he is at the till however they end up getting another detention Amber tells him he can't give them another detention due to being outside of school but mr Bell doesn't care he walks off with loads of sticky notes on the back of him Amber and Violet win but then realise they still have one sticky note left and Darnesh gets the cup Leaving the girls in a mood

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