First episode of series 4


Josh has now departed Elmsmere to attend his music college and Bebe has left the country with Issac becoming the new caretaker at Elmsmere and Dexter trying to become an accomplished teacher but is now left to deal with Nero and the others.

School resumes at Elmsmere after Josh has left with Miss Andreas taking over as head teacher but proves to be a dislike towards the students and also a dislike to Bell who wanted to be the head teacher and a new girl (Clemintine) joins Elmsmere but turns out to be tough and troublesome and stood up to miss Andreas in assembly as she was late and Nero tries to impress her however they all end up getting detention and at night Nero, Clem and Owen go into the school to search for ghosts. Meanwhile, Dexter tries to become friends with the new science teacher Miss Baker who presumably replaces Miss Parkwood.

Guest appearances of Josh, Zoe-Marie, Ash and Agnes

First appearances of Clem and Lizzie Baker

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